Aaron Aikman

Aaron Aikman is my latest edition to 10,000. He is one of the hardest working individuals that I have come across. Like one of the other characters I picked to highlight, Aaron also played basketball with me on the Academy of Art University team.

Originally, he is from Tucson, AZ and came out to San Francisco on an athletic scholarship.  He’s is blessed with the ability to jump high off the ground and dunk explosively. More importantly, Aaron was a better teammate. I can never remember Aaron making the wrong decision off the court and was always there if you needed him. If he wasn’t playing basketball or reading his bible, he was working on his craft with his 3D modeling.

Aaron ended up dropping out of basketball in order to pursue a career in Video Game Design. While meeting up with him, I learned that his talent in his major completely over shadows his God given athletic ability. The thing that stands out to me like the others is he is motivated to get better and works towards it. Spending multiple hours on his projects, he almost doesn’t have a choice but to improve at a rapid paste.

As a video game junkie, I dearly hope to play as one of the characters that Aaron creates. I am more than confident that I will see his name in the credits of some popular video game very soon.

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I met another unique individual this week. His name is Bryce Cooper. This was by far my favorite subject that I choose to highlight. It wasn’t because it was my favorite video that I’ve edited thus far, because its not, nor was it because I thought Bryce was the most talented out of the bunch. It’s because Bryce’s ambition reminded me of myself in a lot of different ways.

Bryce is an interior designer at the Academy of Art University, here in San Francisco. Like me, he doesn’t feel that he is the best in any way, and how humble he is sincerely shows it. But the thing that caught my interest most about him is his reason for wanting to be great, his mother.  He explains how him and his mom always dreamed of him going to college and making something out of himself, and he definitely has a chance to do it. I relate to that because the thing I want most in this world other than to make myself happy is to make my mother happy. I know it would bring my mother no greater joy than to see me succeed in life.

Bryce has a few more years to graduate, and right after that he wants to go back to school and master interior design. His drive and ambition made it very easy to make this video because; when you’re passionate about something you can talk about it as long as a person has the ear to hear.

Here is my latest video, “Chapter 5: Blueprint”. Hope you enjoy. Feel free to check out my other video, comment, or subscribe.

City Nights

If you ever told anybody that City Nights is a bad club, then you had to have gone on the wrong day. I got a chance to go out and record some footage at City Nights and I had the time of my life.

The environment was electric! From the time I got there until I left, it was packed and full of energy. For those of you who try to avoid going to “sausage fest” clubs, the ratio at City Nights was perfect. I have nothing but good reviews for City Nights.

DJ Jazzy Jim was the character who I picked to highlight. His skills in the DJ booth made the club what it was that night. Never do I remember a dead time where people weren’t dancing to the music. In the video I created, I purposely didn’t include any videos because I wanted to highlight his ability rather than let you hear him talk about what he can do.

This was my first time actually going out and shooting somewhere so it was kind of new. I was challenged with the task of constantly having to focus my camera so that I made sure my targets were in focus. While I was doing so, I was being pushed around by what seemed like millions of people. But on a brighter note, it was cool to have access to pretty much any part of the club I wanted to go to, from the main stage, back behind the DJ booth, all the way up in the cages. I felt important (haha). Goes to show where a camera and some lights can get you.

All in all I had a fun time. Big thanks to Alex Bauzon who helped me with camera work, Morgan McKnight for doing the stand ups, And Roger Mcnall helping with the lighting and setting us up to have such a good time.

I hope everyone enjoys the video. Don’t be afraid to leave a comment or two.


My newest video was one I am most excited about. In a way, I kind of feel like I cheated, as far as me actually searching for a new person to do a video on. I say that because the person I choose to do my video on is on my Basketball team at the Academy of Art University. Nonetheless, he has limitless potential to do something great in this world.

Hunter Alexander Hayden is in my opinion, as unique as they come. When I first met him over the phone, I was instantly thrown off by the way he was speaking. His lingo was actually quite interesting in a way that made me want to see what this guy could possibly look like. With me being from the Los Angeles area, I’m use to interacting with African American or Mexican people so I thought surely he had to be one of the two. When I finally met Hunter, he was this 6”9 Irish/Jewish/native guy (lol shows how good I am at guessing).

Anyways, as I grew to learn more about Hunter seeing him every day, I found out he had musical talent. His ability to come up with freestyle on the spot amazed me. All he needs is a beat and words come to his head. Its no surprise to me because after doing my research, Hunter informed me that his brother and father have a musical background as well. Tyler Hayden (brother) is almost as good as they come when dealing with making beats, and Grog Hayden (father) was a guitarist who use to play in a band and that toured California. So I think it’s okay to say that music runs in the families blood.

Hunter has found a way to use his musical talent in the field of advertisement which he majors in. He makes jingles from any product out there. So far I’ve only heard his “aqua fresh” and “Arizona Iced Tea” songs, and it has led me to want to hear more.

I truly think Hunter is onto something and I’m sure after viewing my latest video you will agree. Hope you enjoy watching and feel free to comment.

Also check out one of Hunters friends (Cente) in his newest video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMGJU3tAqwc&feature=player_embedded



Darren Holmquist is the character I chose for my latest project. He is a student attending the Academy of Art University. Darren majors in Motion, Pictures, and Television and is an exceptional student. There are lots of MPT students, but Darren caught my interest because of the direction he is heading in.

Unlike most of the other students in the department, he specializes in fight choreography. I admire the fact that he can shoot, direct, choreograph, and edit his own videos. Myself as an editor, I truly understand just how hard and stressing this can be. But I understand just how important it is to have that skill.

Darren isn’t just acting like he knows how to fight on camera, he has studied and learned five different styles of fighting and has been fighting for 15 years, so I would definitely say he is more than qualified to make action movies. I speak from experience because I too tried to make somewhat of an action movie and found out that its one of the most difficult things I have attempted.

In Chapter 2 of my series, I wanted to try something different in the way I edited the video. Being that Darren makes action movies, I thought it would be best if I give the video sort of a comic book feel. I definitely learned a lot trying to capture this look, being that I had never tried this before. Of course I feel like if I had a chance to go back and try it again, that I can make it ten times better, but for now this will do.

Hope you enjoy! Feel free to comment and give advice. Be on the look out next Tuesday for my latest video and blog.


Art in Motion

Stephanie Camille is a very talented dancer who attends the Debbie Allen Dance Academy in Los Angeles. She has been dancing for a little over 18 years. She attends El Camino College. She majors in Kinesiology and Exercise Science, and majors in Dance. I chose to profile Stephanie because I truly believe she will in fact be a professional dancer in the near future.

Before even meeting Stephanie, I heard rumors of how well she could dance. There were rumors going around saying that seeing Stephanie dance was more of an experience, than just an individual dancing on stage.  Supposedly her ability to tell a story with dance moves is beyond most people her age. I have seen dancing before, but none has ever given me the feeling of an experience.   It sounded like some sort of myth or legend that you read about so I choose to go see her myself.

After seeing her dance for the first time, I watched as she brought a big audience out there chairs for a round of applause. Every rumor that I heard about Stephanie was true. It was like watching art in motion. So of course, asking her to do profiling video was a must.

I found it impressive that Stephanie needed no music or anything as I filmed her. She was ok with dancing anywhere, no matter who was around, no matter what they thought. Even without music she was able to put herself into character and into a situation all generated from her creative imagination.

Dancing isn’t what I necessarily wake out of bed to see everyday, but I respect the effort she puts into her craft. It motivates me to see someone else as passionate as I am about what they love. Stephanie brings me to believe that, without passion your work is meaningless.

Hey guys welcome to my blog. Very excited to introduce you to my new show called 10,000. My main purpose of creating this show is to highlight up and coming people who are extremely motivated to accomplish their goals. Whether it is a movie director, a fashion designer, or an athlete, these characters put hard work into their craft.

The first person I chose to kick off the show is a photographer at the Academy of Art. I’ve recently followed him around and he took me on a few of his photo shoots. After trailing him for two days, I can say without a doubt in my mind that he will no doubt be one of the best photographers this world has seen.

I don’t believe its because he has a God given Gift or he was born talented. I believe…I know Mark is just a hardworking individual. He absolutely will not stop until he is satisfied. What I was most impressed with is the fact that he does more than what the teachers ask of him. He steps out and tries new things, trying to create his own style and name for himself. Mark is a prime example of the type of character I search for in my show.

One thing I am looking to do in each of the upcoming episodes, like Mark, I’m trying new things as far as my editing goes. While trying to find a certain style for myself, I am learning a new program called After Effects, in hopes to one day perfect it.

This is the first episode of 10,000. Enjoy! Be sure to subscribe to my blog and check in weekly.

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